b Ropeway Rajgir
Rajgir Ropeway, Rajgir-Gaya Main Road, NH- 81
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Terms & Conditions

Minimum 1 and maximum 6 riders can be booked in one ticket. Rider-1 is master rider.

Provide ID Card details, mobile and email of master rider. Master rider must carry ID card at the time of visit.

Full ticket will be charged for person aged 3 years or above. Please do not enter details of infants.

Please ensure that none of the passengers have acrophobia [fear from height]. Ticket should not be bought for passenger under medical treatment.

The Right to admission is reserved. This ticket is not transferable. The authorised person holding valid ticket only shall be permitted.

The Rajgir Ropeway administration has right to cancel the booking without prior information and without giving any reason for cancellation of the booking.

The Rajgir Ropeway administration has right to reject the boarding of ropeway (cable car) and remove such person(s) from the premises if found to be violating any of the terms and conditions.

The ticket issued is valid only for ropeway riding. There may other facilities or attractions inside the premises for which seperate ticket may be needed.

Entry in thie area with weapons, sharp objects, matchsticks, lighters and inflammable objects is strictly prohibited. Violation of this will attract punishment under relevant sections of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Disturbing other tourists, inappropriate behaviour, smoking, shouting, hooting and other such acts which can disturb public peace will be punishable under relevant act.

Your ticket is valid only for the date mentioned on it. Expired ticket will not be permitted.